When Doing Nothing is Doing Something

We typically applaud bold, decisive action, even though the action may eventually turn out to have been misguided. At least something was done. Doing something provides a sense of accomplishment.

Today, governments around the world face a demand for action with respect to both the health care and financial crises we confront. A significant response appears necessary to stem the pandemic and market decline.

In other situations, though, restraint produces the better long-term results. Restraint can prove difficult because it goes against our strong desire to do something. Restraint need not mean weakness; it can show fortitude.

Remaining in the stock market at this time presents itself as a case for prudent inaction. Diversification has helped ease the blow so you can stay invested for the long term. The following links offer some thoughtful reasons why you should hold the course: Vanguard and Morningstar.

Musical Treat

Hopefully you can find some joy in a couple of totally different songs -- Billy Preston's "Nothing From Nothing" and Jethro Tull's "Nothing is Easy."

4 Charts to Help You Stay in the Market

The roller coaster ride continues. It's difficult when you don't know when it will end, but most people I know are holding on tight.

Here are 4 charts that can provide you with some comfort along the way. Just click the links below:

Let me know how I can be of assistance.

Musical Treat

Social distancing can be made a bit more tolerable with a throwback look at The Ohio Players singing "Rollercoaster of Love" on The Midnight Special, with host Wolfman Jack. Old-time funk and some weird memories.

The Psychological Cost of Investing in Stocks



Many investmeortunities come with a compelling story and an enticing promised return. These investments can be quite complex. While there is no substitute for due diligence, listen to find out how you can apply a quick test to assess the risk of a venture.

Sharp declines and lack of near-term clarity make investing in stocks difficult. But it's the cost of doing business if you desire the long-term gains that stocks have historically offered. Click here to view the full video.

Musical Treat

The times have changed, but some of the issues have remained the same, in Marvin Gaye's beautiful, haunting "What's Going On". We'd all like to know.

Life in the Time of the Corona Virus

"You can't always get what you want," Mick Jagger plaintively sings in one of his numerous Rolling Stones hits. The Corona Virus outbreak leads many of us to want the impossible -- certainty. That's unlikely to be the case in the near-term, no matter how much we desire it.

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You Need to Know About These Important Tax Law Changes

Unless you are the kind of person who keeps a copy of the Internal Revenue Code on your nightstand, you are probably not aware of the important tax law changes that were recently enacted by Congress. The SECURE Act makes significant revisions to the rules governing retirement accounts and Section 529 college savings plans. Excellent summaries of the new provisions can be found here and here.

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