The Perfect Age: Life and Financial Planning

Researchers have been trying to determine when is the perfect age -- what time is better than all the rest. The findings differ.

Some people say it's when they are younger and at their physical peak, while others believe it's when they are older and have hopefully gained a bit of financial security and wisdom. Some people point to when their children are young; others maintain it's when they can enjoy the freedom of an empty nest. No one seems to think it's when their children are teenagers.

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Creeping Slowly Into Debt

Experience has shown that success in retirement is highly correlated with little or no debt. If your monthly fixed expenses are low, you often have the financial flexibility to handle whatever comes along. Accumulating a significant amount of debt has an insidious cost as well -- low savings. Not only does debt make retirement more expensive, it limits the size of your "pot of gold" that's available to live the life you desire after you stop working.

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Useful Tax Season Tip



Please don't forget that you may receive a revised 1099 for your brokerage accounts in the upcoming weeks, thereby making filing taxes early precarious. The companies you invest in often amend the information they provide brokerage companies late into tax season. These updates necessitate revised 1099s to be issued. Don't blame your advisor or custodian. And as always, be kind to your accountant.

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Notes from the Schwab Conference

The annual Schwab IMPACT Conference always provides financial advisors with a great learning experience. The recent event in Chicago was no exception. Please read on for some fascinating insights shared by this year's incredible speakers.

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