Be Kind to Your Future Self

Saving for retirement is nothing more than postponing spending on the present you for the benefit of the future you. Most of us do not, however, have a strong grasp of the person we will be years from now. That lack of connection between today and a distant tomorrow hinders our ability to save.

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Medicare Madness

It's Open Enrollment season for Medicare, so if you're old enough to remember watching The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show," you should read on for important information.

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Will Starbucks Ruin Your Retirement?

The downfall of the current generation may be avocado toast and expensive coffee. We are being warned that these items constitute needless extravagances that can put a big dent in our retirement savings. (Compare this to my recent discussion of Millennials who spend money only on basic necessities in order that they may retire very young.)

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Thoughts on the Stock Market

Imagine if we met on January 1st of this year and I said that the U.S. stock market would be up double digits in August. You would probably be thrilled with the prospect. So here we are in the middle of August with double-digit stock market gains and yet many people feel less than upbeat about the situation. The recent large swings in the market have diminished our enthusiasm.

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Cutting Credit Cards with Care

While I am no Marie Kondo, I sometimes feel the need to straighten out the clutter on my desk. I definitely operate more efficiently when my office is neater.

Having less clutter in your financial life can be useful as well. Multiple bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and credit cards can accumulate over time for no particular reason. This collection of accounts often serves no purpose other than to create paperwork and confusion.

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