Tedious Financial Tasks Made Fun

We avoid tasks that we find annoying, whether it's re-arranging a closet, cleaning out the garage, or obtaining and signing a will. Knowing that it is critically important to implement an estate plan does not always act as sufficient motivation to take care of it.

I have some clients who creatively addressed this problem. They held a "New Year's Eve Will Signing Brunch." The couple brought together some of their similarly-situated Gen-X and Millennial friends. The event featured french toast, mimosas, and a notary hired to make the wills legit.

Brilliant! I'd like to crowd-source other ideas to make financial planning tasks a bit more fun. Let me know your suggestions. I thought, for instance, about throwing a long-term care insurance bingo tournament. The expert agent can hand out bingo cards with the different policy features on them. B9 could be home care coverage. Maybe that's not so fun.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Words of Wisdom

A party without a cake is just a meeting. 
-- Julia Child