Pandemic Survey Results

Last week I sent around a survey asking how the pandemic has affected you and what you think the world will be like once we get past it.

In viewing the results below, I find it particularly interesting that while people anticipate working at home regularly post-pandemic, few people truly enjoy it. I may be in the minority, but I believe the presumed death of offices is overstated. Offices will likely re-invent themselves; people still need the collaboration and social interaction that offices afford.

In-person interactions are fundamental to building strong relationships, as the consultant Philip Palaveev noted in Financial Advisor. "They allow us to show emotion, give us opportunities to build trust, to experience and express empathy, to better understand a person in full and get context for a full range of unscripted emotions that are integral to a deep relationship."

Another fascinating result from the survey is that a good number of people will partake in buffets in a post-pandemic world. Never underestimate the human appetite.

1. How has the pandemic affected your spending?
     I spend less than before the pandemic     83%
     I spend the same as before the pandemic     17%
     I spend more than before the pandemic     0%

2. Do you feel it's safe to travel by airplane now?
    Yes     28%
    No      72%

3. When do you think a viable vaccine will be developed?
     By the end of 2020     17%
     By June 30, 2021     55%
     After June 30, 2021     28%

4. When will you feel it's safe to attend a movie, play, or concert?
     I feel comfortable attending now     5%
     When a vaccine has been developed and widely taken     78%
     I'm not sure I will feel comfortable for a long time     17%

5. If you typically work in an office building, how many days a week do you think you will work at home post-pandemic?
     None     11%
     1 - 2 days     22%
     3 - 4 days     67%
     5 days     0%

6. If you typically work in an office, do you enjoy working at home more?
     Yes     13%
     Somewhat     50%
     No, not really     37%

7. Will you ever eat at a buffet again?
     Yes, pile it on     41%
     No, you've got to be kidding     59%

Words of Wisdom

For those of you who are willing to take part in buffets again, click here for tips on how to maximize your experience ... oof!